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Will Serena play again? In doubles for sure

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Serena Williams’ childhood coach Rick Macci believes the American tennis icon will return to tennis as a doubles player. Williams, 41, ended her pro tennis career after last year’s US Open. But Williams never definitively said that she would 100 percent never again return to the court.

“Everybody is asking will @Serenawilliams play again. My answer is in doubles for sure with the one she has been skipping and holding hands with since age 9,” Macci wrote on Twitter.

How Williams feels about returning?

Around half a year has passed since Williams concluded her US Open run.

In one of her very recent interviews, Williams admitted that she feels torn because she feels that she can still play at a very high level. However, Williams also noted that she is feeling more at peace now with her decision than she did six months ago.

“I for sure feel more at peace now. It’s interesting. I think I feel torn because I’m still able to play at a very, very, very high level. With that being said, I always wanted to leave the game playing at a very high level. But it’s hard because it’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, I could still play, and I could still do all that stuff.’

But I’m inch by inch leaning away, inch by inch embracing it,” Williams told E! News. Even though Williams feels she can still play at a very high level, she admits that some of their closest don’t share the same opinion. “Actually, I did play the other day, and it’s just like, ‘There’s no way I shouldn’t be playing professional tennis.

Like, there’s literally no excuse.’ But I mean, I guess there is an excuse, right? It’s hard because when I’m playing I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m pretty good at this. I can continue to do this,’ which not a lot of people can say,” Williams said.

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