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‘We will see what feel’

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The ATP 250 in Buenos Aires will be the first official tournament of the season for Carlos Alcaraz, who seems to have solved all the problems related to an injury suffered in training a few days before the start of the Australian Open.

The Spanish tennis player, who lost the lead in the world rankings, expressed his feelings after the physical difficulties at a press conference: “I have been in Argentina for a while to train with very good players and get that rhythm that allows me to start the tournament of the best possible way.

I know that it is not easy”, revealed the Iberian champion. “Last year was very good. I achieved my big dream after only one year, but I took it as naturally as possible. Tennis is what I like to do and what I want to dedicate myself to, beyond the results.

To reach number one you have to set new long-term goals, but above all continue to enjoy the sport and work harder and harder. I am very young and I have many things to improve, despite being number one. I have to keep looking ahead,” he declared to the media.

He then continued: “There have been times when setting new goals for myself, I’ve been caught off guard to achieve them so soon. In general I feel good, I know what I want to be and where I want to go. That’s what’s important.

I want to keep improving. I still lead a normal life, although I recognize myself a little more than before. I am very close to people and I like that to a certain extent. That’s how I see all the fans supporting me in every game and I’m glad to know it.”

Alcaraz has now returned to full fitness

Carlos Alcaraz was last seen in action at the 2022 Paris Masters, where he retired midway through his quarterfinal encounter against eventual winner Holger Rune.

“I was not thinking of holding number one all year. It was clear to me that they were going to take it from me. I have not yet played as number two, so we will see what feel,” Alcaraz said. Roger Federer is the Lionel Messi of the tennis world, reckons World No.

2 Carlos Alcaraz. “Yes, Federer is the Messi of tennis because of how easy he [looks playing]. Messi was the superhero in the World Cup and practically put himself in the entire country so that Argentina would consecrate itself in Qatar,” Carlos Alcaraz said.

“I loved [Federer’s] tennis. I loved watching him play. I was watching his highlights all day, watching matches .

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