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We are proud to have Novak Djokovic, would never choose Rafael Nadal

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Lacoste CEO Thierry Guibert has come to Novak Djokovic’s defence and revealed the French clothing brand “would never choose Rafael Nadal” to be their ambassador. This week, Mike Nakajima – a former tennis director at Nike – told CNN “there is always a dark clound around Djokovic” and that’s something that big brands don’t want to see.

In the spring of 2017, Djokovic signed his first deal with Lacoste. “Lacoste is so proud to have Nole and would never choose Nadal (with all due respect to him). Thanks @NDjokofan for the English translation,” Lacoste CEO Guibert tweeted.

Lacoste CEO Guibert comes to Djokovic’s defence

Earlier this week, the comments from former Nike tennis director Nakajima about Djokovic went viral.

“He could well be the most successful tennis player ever. But there’s always a dark cloud around him. It’s like he brings it upon himself. He hits the lineswoman at the US Open (in 2020) and gets disqualified? It happens, I guess.

But why does it always happen to Novak? Or the whole controversy about the Covid-19 vaccination. Now, as a brand: do I want to be behind somebody who always has controversy around him? Or do I want to go with an athlete with a squeaky clean image?” Nakajima told CNN.

Djokovic himself hasn’t reacted to the comments made by Nakajima. Meanwhile, Djokovic is off to an outstanding start to the 2023 season. After winning back-to-back titles at the Adelaide International and Australian Open, Djokovic is currently resting.

Djokovic, who was hampered by a hip injury in Australia, is signed up to compete in Dubai later this week. The latest reports suggest that Djokovic will be able to compete in Dubai. Also, Djokovic has applied to be granted a special permission to enter the United States for the Masters events in Indian Wells and Miami.

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