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‘We are officially getting outnumbered’

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Former world No 1 Ana Ivanovic has announced that she and her husband Bastian Schweinsteiger are expecting their third child. In 2016, Ivanovic tied the knot with former German football star Schweinsteiger. Since then, Ivanovic and her husband have welcomed two kids – they have a five-year-old son Luka and a three-year-old son Leon.

On Friday, Ivanovic took to Twitter to announce she and Schweinsteiger are expecting to welcome their third child in 2023. “Now @BSchweinsteiger and I are officially getting outnumbered,” Ivanovic announced.

Ivanovic retired after the 2016 season

Just before the start of the 2017 season, Ivanovic announced her retirement from pro tennis.

At the time of her retirement, Ivanovic had just turned 29 years. On this past December 28th – which marked the sixth anniversary of Ivanovic’s retirement from pro tennis – the former Grand Slam champion explained why she decided to retire at a still young age.

“I think it’s always a very hard moment in your career when you make that decision but to be honest, last year or over a year, I was really struggling with a lot of injuries and I felt like I could never get myself back in a shape to be in the top and I really felt it was time for me to step back and to look for other opportunities and other wishes that I had for starting a different career,” Ivanovic said in a video uploaded on her Instagram in late December.

Initially, it wasn’t easy for Ivanovic to walk away from pro tennis. But Ivanovic was doing well in her life in some other areas so that made her retirement easier. “It was very hard. I think it was one of the hardest decisions I had to make.

But also it was encouraging because it was such a beautiful chapter in my life and I was really looking forward for what’s to come,” Ivanovic said.

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