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‘We all want to see Emma Raducanu fit’, says legend

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Emma Raducanu says she has only heard positive things about Austin as he is “very much looking forward” to competing in the inaugural ATX Open. Raducanu, 20, will be one of the most outstanding players at the first ATX Open in Austin (Texas).

The inaugural ATX Open will take place between February 27 and March 5. “Hi Austin, I’m Emma. I’m really looking forward to going and playing the tournament there. I’ve heard so much about the city and I’m looking forward to seeing it for myself.

Hope to see you there,” Raducanu said in a video message she posted to her Instagram Story. After suffering a serious ankle injury in Auckland, Raducanu was able to get fit enough to compete at the Australian Open. In Melbourne, Raducanu defeated Tamara Korpatsch before losing to Cori Gauff in the second round.

But after losing to Gauff, Raducanu tried to look at the whole situation in a positive light, saying that just being able to go out and play was a success. “I would say that all the chips were against us and the chances of me playing this tournament were very, very low.

I think 13 days ago, if they had told us: ‘Hey, you’re going to be in the draw and you’re going to win a round’, it would certainly have been a great effort. That being said, I still think I haven’t played my best today. I think I could have done better.

Now I have to check my body. I’ve had some discomfort in recent months, and I have to solve them, train, and then we’ll see. I am very confident in the work I am doing with Sebastian (Sachs) and the rest of the team,” Raducanu declared.

Emma Raducanu started the year with an ankle injury, but luckily she was able to recover in time to play in the first Grand Slam of the year, the Australian Open.

John McEnroe talks about Raducanu

John McEnroe wanted to defend Emma Raducanu, whose career has been skating since her victory at the US Open in 2021.

Big Mac believes in her and he thinks she will be able to return to the highest level. “I think last year was overwhelming, obviously. She has gone through a lot of changes in her life and now she has been struggling with injuries.

Everyone in tennis hopes that she can deal with what is happening to her and that she will get back to the level she showed at the US Open. We all want to see her fit and enjoy the challenge that comes her way, I’m sure she can have a great year.

I wish Emma the best. You don’t win a Grand Slam by chance. She’s a great player and she can come back and fight again.”

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