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There are a lot of similarities to Maria Sharapova

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Agent Max Eisenbud believes Iga Swiatek is “similar a lot of Maria Sharapova” as the desire to win is something that is very noticeable in the Pole’s attitude and demeanor. Eisenbud is one of the most popular tennis agents, having made Sharapova one of the most marketable athletes nearly two decades ago.

Now, Swiatek has started working with Eisenbud. “There are a lot of similarities to Sharapova: Maria wanted to win first, second, third, and fourth. Iga wants to win the same. And I think when you’re talking to brands, and you tell them ‘listen, you might not have as much time with her as maybe others because she’s so focused and wants to win’, usually the brands are excited about that.

It’s just something you’re upfront with the brand. And nobody’s surprised when you talk to them like that. There are a lot of brands out there that want to be associated with her for many reasons. She’s got a lot of things to offer, besides being a great player and showing up consistently, week in and week out, which is something that we haven’t had in women’s tennis in a while,” Eisenbud told Tennis Majors.

Swiatek hires Eisenbud as she hopes to improve her brand

Last year, Swiatek was the fifth highest-paid female athlete on Forbes’ list. Even though Swiatek was by far the most dominant player on the WTA Tour last year, there were three tennis players who earned more than she did in 2022 – Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka and Emma Raducanu.

Osaka, who played in just 11 tournaments last year, was the highest-paid female athlete with $51.1 million earned. Williams was the second with $41.3 million, while Raducanu was the fourth with $18.7 million earned. Swiatek, who earned nearly $10 million in prize money last year, was the fifth highest-paid female athlete with $14.9 million earned.

Now that Swiatek is the face of women’s tennis, she seemingly wants to improve her brand. This week, Swiatek announced that she has become the new global ambassador of OSHEE sports drink.

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