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“The cause could be the mental”

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Doubles specialist Horacio Zeballos believes any end to Rafael Nadal’s career could be due more to mental than physical issues after his latest injury setback. Nadal’s last appearance was in a match that saw him crash in the second round of the Australian Open against Mackenzie McDonald.

A defeat that obviously aroused an uproar among the insiders and his fans, for the clear result with which the Spaniard left Melbourne Park. A moment certainly not easy for the 22-time Grand Slam champion, who also carries numerous physical ailments that have greatly limited his performance in the last 6 months.

Zeballos about Rafael Nadal

Zeballos explained: “If it was the end, it would be because of something more mental than physical. It’s very difficult to say because he has surprised us many times with his ability to come back so well after injuries.

I speak to you as a tennis fan rather than logic. I hope he is present this year because it is very nice to see him play.” Zeballos, however, does not rule out the Spaniard recovering from his injury once again: “Like Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, Nadal has shown that he can stop and come back with inhuman results.

He gets injured and then wins, I don’t know, how many more Grand Slams. His age doesn’t help him go back to the way he was 10 years ago. It seems difficult that he can return to the maximum level he has shown for so many years, but he never ceases to amaze us.

Let’s hope he comes back strong.” The Argentine then with a pinch of pride recalled that he was one of the few players to have beaten his left-footed colleague in a final on clay, in 2013 in Vina de Mar. He told: “I beat him in a final, yes.

I wished he wouldn’t lose again, to be able to say I was the last one to beat him. Also, I didn’t want him to play against me again, so that the record would stand by one by one. It was a source of pride for me to have won against us, I will never forget it. It’s been ten years and I remember it like it was yesterday. Perfectly. The memories are very clear.”

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