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‘Serena Williams wasn’t even looking at him at…’, says former star

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Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka are no longer the most supported athletes. The two tennis players were surpassed by soccer star Alex Morgan, who dominates with 3 million dollars. Alex Morgan is undoubtedly one of the biggest soccer stars of all time.

Thanks to his successes, such as the Olympic gold medal and the FIFA World Cup, he earned his 3 million dollars. SportsUnited’s brand partnership report revealed that Alex Morgan is the most signed female athlete for the year 2022.

The report revealed that Morgan has signed 27 deals with different brands, more than any other woman in the sport. Some of her most notable collaborations are with Google, AT&T and Coca-Cola, among others. The report also reveals that brand deals across all women’s sports grew 20% over the year.

The future of women’s sport looks very promising. With more and more women interested and involved in sport, it is clear that the traditional view of exclusively male sports is no longer valid. Serena Williams says that growing up in Compton gave her the ability to adapt to almost any playing condition during her career.

Compton, a popular Los Angeles neighborhood, is known for violence and gang activity. Getting started in tennis in Compton wasn’t ideal, as there weren’t any fancy tennis courts and the balls in use at the time weren’t very good either.

But Serena and her sister Venus were determined to make her dreams come true. Now the Williams sisters are true tennis icons of all time and will forever be remembered as some of the greatest and most inspiring players in the history of the sport.

Stubbs talks about Serena Williams

Former doubles World No. 1 Rennae Stubbs has spoken about Serena Williams’ outburst during her defeat to Naomi Osaka in the 2018 US Open final. “Everybody coaches, every player looks to their coaches for advice, and every coach gives it when they can, when the umpire is not looking at them or when the linespeople are not looking at them.

It was always a part of the tennis world, always,” Stubbs said. “Second of all, Serena wasn’t even looking at him at the time because they showed the split screen, they showed the split screen when he did it and what she was doing, and she wasn’t even looking at him.

She didn’t even look so that’s why she got so angry because I can tell you, I know for a fact after coaching her somewhat a little bit now, she doesn’t look,” Stubbs said.

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