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‘Serena Williams is the most impressive athlete I have worked with’, says director

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Not at the moment, but who knows. This is how Serena Williams let it be seen when she was questioned about a possible return to the professional circuit, just a few months after her retirement at the 2022 US Open. “It’s hard to say.

I would say not. Not at the moment”, commented the winner of 23 Grand Slams. The youngest of the Williams is clear that she is now focused on other priorities, such as her role as a mother, so she does not think about her stage as a professional tennis player.

“I have given my whole life to tennis and now it is time to dedicate myself to something else. Right now, for me, winning is choosing the best offers to invest. I think there should be more women like me who write the checks because I believe that like things attract, “she explains in an interview with ‘CBS Mornings’

Serena recalled her last match, which was against the Australian Ajla Tomljanovic, in the third round of the US Open: “I was not happy after the match because of the result. I wanted to keep going in the tournament and keep winning.

It was like ‘I don’t believe I let this game go by’ It was a great moment and a great memory for me, and I felt like I gave it my all, but I asked myself, ‘What could I have done better that day?’” In this way, she ended the career of what is considered the best tennis player in history, but she still left open the possibility of returning in the future.

She hasn’t completely ruled it out so far. Would you like to see Serena Williams again on the WTA tour?

Pytka praises Serena

Serena Williams might have retired from professional tennis five months ago. “Serena had this power and charisma that was overwhelming, more than any athlete I’d ever worked with,” Pytka said.

“The first time I commented on her stroke looking a little strange, her handler told me she was hitting left-handed. We had to get a male pro to hit with her because the female pro we had hired couldn’t get the ball back properly.

She is the most impressive athlete I have worked with, male or female. Magic”. Serena Williams is unable to pronounce the word “retirement.” Months have passed since her last match, when she was defeated in the third round of the US Open by Ajla Tomjalnovic, after having played a Slam tournament above expectations, especially from a physical point of view.

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