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‘Roger Federer is always welcome to attend’, says expert

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Roger Federer has announced the launch of the new Wilson ProStaff V14 racket. Federer, a 20-time Grand Slam champion, has been a Wilson brand ambassador since 1998. Together, Federer and Wilson have created many beautiful memories.

Now, Federer guarantees that Wilson’s new ProStaff V14 racket will not disappoint him. “Wilson is coming out with a new ProStaff, the V14, and for the first time in a long time I won’t be playing it or debuting it on tour, which is obviously a shame.

But they will see it in the hands of other big players on both the ATP and WTA in 2023 and beyond. Accuracy is still at the absolute top of the game and I know you’ll enjoy the new version as much as all the ProStaff I’ve played to date,” Federer said in a video posted on Wilson’s Instagram account.

Since he ended his amazing career at the end of September, Federer has made no Tour appearances. In October, the Basel organizers offered Federer to host a special farewell, but the 20-time Grand Slam champion declined. Later, it was reported that Tennis Australia wanted to have Federer as a special wild card at this year’s tournament.

Once again, Federer politely declined. Federer is taking his time after retiring as it seems he is not yet ready to go into tournaments as a former player and special player. When Federer visited Wimbledon last year for Center Court’s 100th anniversary, he was visibly emotional.

This year, Federer could return to Wimbledon, but in a completely new role. In recent weeks, there has been speculation that Federer could be part of the BBC commentary team for Wimbledon 2023. At Wimbledon, Federer is a record eight-time champion and an absolute icon.

Federer is a legend

During an exclusive interview with Khaleej Times, Colm McLoughlin reveals how this tennis tournament has played a huge role in Dubai’s status as one of the world’s best cities. “We all come to a stage where we have to retire.

We are delighted that Roger Federer won our tournament. He was world number one for many years, one of the top three winners of the Grand Slam tournament in the world, and he has a residence in Dubai. Of course, even if he is not playing, he is always welcome to attend.

He has been a very courteous person. He has done many things we have asked him to do. He has been very important in the promotion of the Dubai Tennis Championships, not just by winning it alone. When he won his eighth tournament in Dubai, it also coincided with his 100th victory in his career.

You know he is the among few players to have won 100 or more titles. He has also won 20 Grand Slams. Yes, Roger Federer was a great ambassador for us, and we were always pleased that he came and played here.”

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