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‘Roger Federer can do whatever he wants’, says former star

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Dominic Thiem is not going through an easy moment in his career. Since his last major title in Flushing Meadow, where he won his first Grand Slam, the Austrian has not stood out again, but rather injuries and disappointments have overtaken him.

The serious wrist problem kept him out for a long time and made him lose contact with the top positions in the standings. From third position, the Wiener Neustadt-born tennis player returned to the Top 100 and is now fighting to return to the tennis scene he recounts.

In this first part of the season, the former US Open champion has only suffered losses. The most painful were, without a doubt, the one suffered against Andrej Rublev in the first round of the Australian Open (3-0), and those of Borna Gojo and Borna Coric that meant the elimination in the Davis Cup tie for the Austria.

Thiem is convinced that his recovery only depends on him, and that no one can help him out of this situation, not even a certain Roger Federer: “It only depends on me. I could take Federer as a mental coach, but I am convinced that he would not help me”, Thiem declared in an interview with the German newspaper Der Standard.

“In Melbourne, after the final, I saw how energetic Novak Djokovic was. It is a difficult phase when you are successful. It’s not very fun. I always had trouble savoring victories.” Thiem added that he made the decision to play for fun, and no longer to be a machine willing to bring titles.

“I try to get away from the idea of being a machine. No more practicing for hours without thinking about anything. I try to enjoy more of the good things. To me that means good shots or good points. But it’s not easy.” The 29-year-old then spoke again about his disappointment at his Davis Cup loss: “I’m disappointed that I couldn’t help Austria win the Davis Cup match against Croatia.

Corretja reflects on King Roger

Alex Corretja commented to our colleagues from Express Sport, the possible new job of Roger Federer, the Swiss having been approached by the BBC to become a TV consultant. “Roger can do whatever he wants, he will be welcome wherever he goes.

He knows tennis, he loves tennis, he’s highly respected, he’s such a classy guy. It would be great for us to have it somewhere related to tennis. I think it’s good to have the former players involved because they can add a lot of things, they have a unique experience.

They can therefore offer relevant analyzes because they have often experienced moments or situations similar to what can happen on a court when they are on the edge of the court as a consultant.”

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