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Rajesh Singh and Ajay Mathur bags silver in men’s doubles 50 category

Rajesh Singh and Ajay Mathur’s extraordinary achievement at the Badminton Asia Senior Open 2023 in Vietnam is a testament to their exceptional dedication, skill, and sportsmanship. Winning the silver medal in the Men’s Doubles 50+ category showed their outstanding commitment and skill, especially given the tough competition. The pair lost to the former world champions from Indonesia with a score 21-13, 21-6 on 17th December 2023.

Their path to the podium was paved with challenges, as they faced off against some of the best players from across Asia. Included the duo carved their victory from crushing the Vietnamese hopes at 21-17, 21-17 on 16th December 2023. This win against a strong opponent showed their skill, mental strength, and smart execution. This achievement has rightfully earned them recognition and respect from the Indian badminton community, their organizations, and sports enthusiasts worldwide.

The pair have also represented India in the BWF World Championships in 2021.

Beyond this recent success, Rajesh Singh and Ajay Mathur have a history of representing India with honor in international badminton tournaments. Their consistent performance over the years has firmly established them as one of India’s top doubles pairs in their category. Their participation and victories in tournaments like they won the Gold medal in Men’s 50+ Doubles Category in the recently concluded ‘All India Masters Ranking Badminton Tournament 2023’ organized by the Badminton Association of India (BAI) at Udaipur from January 17 to 20, 2023.

Rajesh Singh and Ajay Mathur won the silver medal in the men’s doubles 50 category at the Badminton Asia Senior Open 2023

Rajesh Singh, CEO of ECA Global said, “Embarking on this journey and stepping onto the badminton court as a competitor has been truly fulfilling. The challenges demand versatility, discipline, and unwavering determination. Winning the silver medal at the Badminton Asia Senior Open 2023 alongside Ajay is a testament to the power of perseverance and teamwork. Representing India in the Men’s Doubles 50 category has been an honor, and this achievement is a result of the constant efforts.”

Ajay Mathur, AGM – SIDBI said, “Contributing to the formidable duo with Rajesh in the Badminton Asia Senior Open 2023 has been a source of great pride for me. When I step onto the badminton court, it’s not just about showcasing physical prowess but also strategic thinking. Our partnership highlights the power of teamwork and mutual understanding, proving that combining individual strengths can lead to extraordinary accomplishments. Winning the silver medal in Men’s Doubles 50 is a testament to the synergy between corporate acumen and sporting excellence. This journey emphasizes that, on and off the court, the pursuit of success is a harmonious blend that shapes a well-rounded individual.”

As Rajesh Singh and Ajay Mathur prepare for future challenges, they carry with them the hopes and admiration of a nation. Their legacy is not just defined by the medals they have won but by the indomitable spirit they represent. Both are great representatives of the sport, showing that hard work and commitment can lead to success, no matter the field or age.

Rajesh Singh is recognized for his visionary leadership and his notable contributions in the field of education. He’s a role model of hard work and perseverance, balancing his corporate responsibilities with a passion for badminton. Ajay Mathur complements his professional acumen with a strong presence in sports, demonstrating strategic thinking and teamwork on the badminton court. Together, they represent a unique blend of corporate leadership and sporting excellence.

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