You are currently viewing PV Sindhu Vs Wang Zhi Yi, Singapore Open 2022 Highlights: PV Sindhu Wins First Super 500 Title Of 2022

PV Sindhu Vs Wang Zhi Yi, Singapore Open 2022 Highlights: PV Sindhu Wins First Super 500 Title Of 2022

PV Sindhu Vs Wang Zhi Yi, Singapore Open 2022 Final Highlights: India’s PV Sindhu on Sunday defeated China’s Wang Zhi Yi 21-9, 11-21, 21-15 in the final match of women’s singles at the Singapore Open 2022. The two-time Olympic medallist won the first game in a dominating fashion before she lost the second game. The match went into the decider where Sindhu bounced back beautifully to clich her maiden Super 500 title of the year 2022. Wang Zhi Yi fought well till the end but Sindhu’s early advantage in the final game played a crucial role in the latter’s victory. Earlier, Sindhu had defeated Saena Kawakami of Japan 21-15, 21-7 in a 32-minute semi-final match to enter the summit clash. The Singapore Open 2022 also happens to be Sindhu’s third title of the 2022 season after winning the Syed Modi International and Swiss Open BWF Super 300 titles.

Here are the Highlights of PV Sindhu vs Wang Zhi Yi, Singapore Open 2022 Women’s Singles Final from Singapore Indoor Stadium, Kallang

11:34 AM IST: PV Sindhu Wins It!

Sindhu wins the final game 21-15 and thus seals the final match against Wang Zhi Yi.

11:34 AM IST: Sindhu Gets Closer

A loud roar from Sindhu as wins another point and the score now is 19-14 in her favour

11:34 AM IST: Magical Sindhu!

What a shot that is from Sindhu! Wang Zhi had no reply for it. Sindhu has extended the lead to four. Score is 18-14 now. What a game this is!

11:33 AM IST: Game Is On!

Wang Zhi closes the gap on Sindhu before losing one point. She trails 14-17.

11:32 AM IST: Sindhu Leads 16-12

A loud roar from Sindhu as gets one point. She too knows that she is extremely close to winning the title.

11:31 AM IST: What A Shot!

Wang Zhi is still alive in this game. She ended the rally with a beautiful drop shot. She now trails Sindhu 12-15.

11:28 AM IST: Sindhu In Lead

Sindhu maintains her lead here. And now she has extended it to three. Score is 14-11 at the moment. Please add one more to Sindhu’s account as she wins another point.

11:28 AM IST: Poor Judgement

Sindhu is finding hard to match her rhythm she carried in the first half of this game.

11:26 AM IST: Sindhu Gains A Point

After a short gap, Sindhu has finally gained a point. Meanwhile, Wang Zhi loses one of her challenges.

11:25 AM IST: Sindhu Concedes Three Points

PV Sindhu seems to be losing the plot here. She has conceded three points to Wang Zhi.

11:21 AM IST: Sindhu On Fire!

What an excellent shot this was from Sindhu. She jumped to her right and smashed it on the right side of Wang Zhi, who had no answer for that. Score is 11-6 in Sindhu’s favour.

11:21 AM IST: Poor Judgement

Sindhu let the shot fall behind her thinking that it would go past her but it fell within the playing area and Wang Zhi gets a point. Scores are 6-8… Okay.. wait, add one more point to Sindhu’s account.

11:19 AM IST: Sindhu Extends Gap!

PV Sindhu has made the score 8-5 from 5 all. This is a good advantage for her considering the way this game has progressed so far.

11:19 AM IST: What A Shot!

The 28-shot rally comes to an end. It needed a special effort and Sindhu did that with a sensational shot. This game is a perfect nail-biter.

11:18 AM IST: Good Shot!

It’s a good shot from Wang Zhi to make it 5 all. She is happy with her effort on the shot.

11:17 AM IST: PV Sindhu In Lead

Sindhu is leading this game 5-4.

11:15 AM IST: Scores Level

This is good comeback from Sindhu. She makes it 3 all.

11:13 AM IST: Wang Zhi In Lead

Wang Zhi Yi has won two back-to-back points and she leads the decider game 2-1.

11:12 AM IST: Decider Game Underway

Good start for Sindhu. She wins the first point as Wang Zhi’s smash failed to go over the net.

11:10 AM IST: One Game All

Wang Zhi Yi wins the second game 21-11. The match goes to the decider now.

11:09 AM IST: Wang Zhi Challenges Again

That’s a superb shot from Sindhu as he has found a corner to make the scores 10-17. Meanwhile, Wang Zhi loses her second challenge in the process and this means she has no challenges remaining.

11:06 AM IST: Wang Zhi Loses Challenge

Wang Zhi has lost one challenge, she has one challenge remaining. Okay wait… here is some shot from Sindhu. She not only gained a point but she forced Wang Zhi to lay down on the floor in the process. Do we have a game here? Scored are 8-16.

11:03 AM IST: Sindhu On Back Foot

The score is 14-5 in favour of Wang Zhi. She wins another point to make her case strong.

11:01 AM IST: What A Shot!

Here is a confident shot from Sindhu and she trails 4-11 now.

11:00 AM IST: Sindhu Trails 3-11

Wang Zhi has been amazing in this game. She seems to be a totally different player after losing the first game to Sindhu. She leads the second game 11-3 at the moment.

10:59 AM IST: Sindhu Trails 3-8

Sindhu needs to do better to keep a good fight to Wang Zhi, who is looking extremely confident at the moment.

10:57 AM IST: Point For Sindhu

Here is the first point of the game for Sindhu. She gets it after conceding 6 points to Wang Zhi Yi.

10:56 AM IST: Sindhu On Back Foot

What a comeback this is from Wang Zhi Yi. She leads 6-0 in the second game. She lost the first game but has bounced back brilliantly.

10:52 AM IST: Sindhu Wins 1st Game

PV Sindhu wins it 21-9. This game was entirely dominated by her. She lost the first two points and then ruled the roost. Wang Zhi came from behind but the lead by Sindhu was enough for her to eventually bag the game.

10:50 AM IST: Sindhu Close To Win In 1st Game

PV Sindhu is extremely close to winning the first game vs Wang Zhi. Scores are 19-9 in her favour.

10:49 AM IST: Lovely Shot From Wang Zhi

Wang Zhi smashes it down the line and gets one point. In the follow up, she gets another one point to make the scores 7-16.

10:47 AM IST: Points For Wang Zhi

Wang Zhi took two consecutive points before Sindhu took another to make it 15-4… Okay, wait,…  it’s 16-4 now as Sindhu has got another point.

10:46 AM IST: Sindhu Going Well

Some amazing judgement in display from Sindhu and the scores are 13-2.

10:43 AM IST: Sindhu In The Lead

PV Sindhu leads the game 11-2. She just conceded the first two points and since then she has only scored.

10:43 AM IST: Dominating Game From Sindhu

Sindhu is dominating this game. She is leading 7-2 at the moment.

10:41 AM IST: Score Is 2-All

PV Sindhu came back from two points behind to make it two all. Okay, he has won another point.

10:39 AM IST: It’s Game Time

The match has started and here we go!

10:36 AM IST:Wang Zhi Yi Wins Toss

Wang Zhi Yi has won the toss and chosen to serve first. Both the players warm-up for the summit clash now.

10:32 AM IST: Final Match Set To Kick Off

We are just minutes away from the start of the women’s singles final match between PV Sindhu and Wang Zhi Yi. The players have arrived at the court…

10:26 AM IST: Head-To-Head

PV Sindhu and Wang Zhi Yi have faced each other once before this final match. The contest took place in March this year at the All England Open. The match was won by Sindhu with a 21-18, 21-13 scoreline.

10:13 AM IST: A Much-Needed Win For Sindhu

In case, Sindhu manages to win this match, it could serve as a good confidence booster for her ahead of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

10:11 AM IST: Road To Final

While Sindhu had defeated Japan’s Saena Kawakami to enter the summit clash of the event, her final match opponent Wang Zhi Yi eased past Japan’s Ohori Aya.

10:07 AM IST: Sindhu Looks To Add To Glory

PV Sindhu comes to final of Singapore Open 2022 after already winning two Super 300 titles at Syed Modi International and Swiss Open this year.

10:04 AM IST: Sindhu Eyes Maiden Singapore Open Title

PV Sindhu is aiming to win her first Singapore title. Notably, she hasn’t won any Super 500 titles this season.

09:57 AM IST: Hello and Welcome!


Hello everyone welcome to this space. PV Sindhu faces Wang Zhi Yi in the final of women’s singles at the Singapore Open 2022. You will get all the match updates, including scores, here. Stay tuned.

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