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Paula Badosa rips Spanish magazine after ‘innacurate’ report on her love life

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Paula Badosa ripped Hola after the Spanish magazine published that the Spanish tennis star and her model boyfriend Juan Betancourt ended their relationship. This week, Hola published that Badosa and Betancourt – who started dating in 2021 – ended their relationship and that it was Betancourt who made the call to split.

Also, Hola reported that their relationship was rocky for a few months and that Badosa was still not over the split. “The factual information is totally opposite. Can you be better informed about what you mark ‘exclusive’? Thank you,” Badosa wrote on her Instagram Story.

Later, Badosa deleted the story.

Badosa on the importance of being surrounded by the right people

Recently, Badosa made the covers of the Spanish magazine Glamour. During her conversation with Glamour, 25-year-old Badosa explained how important it is for a tennis player to be surrounded by the right people.

“For me, the most important thing is the environment you have, how you rely on them, because in the end it’s very intense. You are very young and you have to mature by leaps and bounds. Sometimes your head is not prepared to withstand all that pressure, that demand of playing in front of 20,000 people, the press, yourself.

Lots of things accumulate. In addition, there are social media, which is also something that influences. That is why there are players who retire, who experience anxiety, depression,” Badosa told Glamour. The past year and a half haven’t been easy for Badosa, who hasn’t won a title since 2022 January.

In Madrid, Badosa revealed some changes she planning on implementing. “I see that the players are starting to get to know me, so we have decided to change some things in my game and make tactical adjustments. It is not easy, in the middle of a game, to change the position of return or hit a parallel in a difficult situation, but I’m on that path so I have to continue on that path,” Badosa said.

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