You are currently viewing ‘Novak Djokovic’s the guy who I watched since…’, says ATP ace

‘Novak Djokovic’s the guy who I watched since…’, says ATP ace

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Arina Rodionova claims she received death threats from Novak Djokovic‘s supporters after joking that he should be fine after suffering a hamstring tear. Rodionova, who competed at an ITF event in Burnie last week, reached the quarterfinals before giving Olivia Gadecki a ride.

Through her Instagram Story, Rodionova revealed that she suffered a hamstring injury. “So I have a 1-inch hamstring tear and I’ve done some research. Should be good to go tomorrow,” Rodionova wrote on her Instagram Story late last week.

On Monday, Rodionova shared a post from her claiming that Djokovic’s fans sent her death threats. “I’m not sure why I’m getting all the death threats from Novak fans. For some reason people think I was joking about the injury.

Hamstring tears are no joke, people go to the hospitals with it and can’t walk for days, guys. You should be ashamed to turn this into a joke. Some can win Grand Slams but the rest of us have to take time off. Also, I guess they’re not in favor of vaccinations, but I’m sure the rabies one will do wonders,” Rodionova wrote on her Instagram Story.

At the start of the Australian Open, Djokovic clearly had mobility issues and his hamstring was very tight. However, as the tournament progressed, Djokovic seemed to be doing better and went on to win his record tenth Australian Open.

But there were those who did not believe Djokovic and openly accused the Serb of “faking an injury.” After the Australian Open ended, Craig Tiley, from the tournament, came to Djokovic’s defense, saying he had seen scans of the Serb’s hamstring, which showed a 3cm tear.

Medjedovic pays tribute to Djokovic

Hamad Medjedovic opened up about his experience of training with Novak Djokovic. “Yeah, many times I thought I was dreaming. You know, many times I had to [pinch myself] to make sure that I’m not dreaming.

But, uh, I mean, What what can you say? What can i say? It’s for for sure, an unreal experience just to look at him,” he said. “He’s the guy who I watched since I was a little kid. And I mean, to share the court with him, to practice with him it’s for sure…

I mean I cannot express it with words. I mean Serbia is a pretty small country, you know. You can hear a lot, I was good at the juniors, so [Novak Djokovic] probably heard somewhere. I had a good win at the French Open against the first seed and that’s when he texted me,” he said.

“You know I said thanks and after some time he called me to practice. And then we practiced together. And after that, he wanted me to stay at his center and that’s how everything started.”

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