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“Novak Djokovic will win 28 Grand Slam titles”

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The Australian Open 2023 saw the 10th victory here in Melbourne of the Serbian champion Novak Djokovic. A success unlike any other with Nole who took revenge for last year’s exclusion and for the many controversies surrounding his season.

Former doubles champion, world number one in doubles, Rennae Stubbs, has clear ideas about Novak Djokovic’s future. Here are her words: “I think that when Novak Djokovic ends his career he will have about 28 Grand Slam titles.

Honestly, to tell the truth, Nole will be able to win at least five other Grand Slam titles, so let’s say at least 27 Grand Slams. We have to think that from now on he is the favorite in any Grand Slam whether it is on hard courts or at Wimbledon.

Let’s face it, I think Nole will win at least two more Wimbledons in his career.” The former tennis player then commented on the rise of the NextGen youth and who can really cause some annoyance to the Balkan champion. Here are her words: “I think it’s really difficult for guys like Alcaraz and Rune to win against Djokovic in the best of five sets.

On three sets maybe they can catch a good day but not on five. Novak is simply unbeatable in the best of five sets.”

Djokovic’s win in Australia

Novak Djokovic is competing to win all four Grand Slams this year and more and more people believe in this extraordinary feat.

Djokovic’s victory in Australia was nothing short of impressive because the Serbian tennis player, at almost 36 years of age, has literally annihilated every opponent. On the one hand there were illustrious absentees such as Carlos Alcaraz and Nick Kyrgios and on the other Rafael Nadal, the Serbian champion’s great rival, arrived at the tournament in difficult physical conditions.

Rafa, the defending champion, was knocked out in the second round by MacKenzie McDonald and suffered yet another injury. Now there is curiosity about the future but there are those who have clear ideas.

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