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‘Novak Djokovic was very nervous because…’, says TD

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Final of the Australian Open with double loot: trophy and first place in the ranking. That is what the two finalists of the Grand Slam tournament, Novak Djokovic and Stephen Tsitsipas, played with the victory of the Belgrade tennis player over the Greek in three sets.

A victory that returns him to the top of the standings and brings him closer to Steffi Graf’s all-time record. The one who saw how the first position was snatched from him was Carlos Alcaraz, absent at the Australian Open due to an injury suffered shortly before starting the Australian tour.

From home, Alcaraz watched the final at Melbourne Park and the triumph of Novak Djokovic, whom the US Open champion himself praised. “He has no weaknesses. Every shot is incredible,” Alcaraz told ATP microphones. “His physical condition is unbelievable, his mental condition is unbelievable.

He is like a God and I admire him for how through the years we have always stayed at the same level, staying at the top. It is very, very difficult and I admire him”. A first position, however, that the Spanish tennis player wants to recover as soon as possible.

“I spent a lot of time as world number one,” said Alcaraz, who held the first position for 20 weeks. “Now it is a goal for me to return to number one and try to do my best in these tournaments to return to that position. That is my goal,” concluded the Grand Slam champion.

Back on the tour, in Buenos Aires, Carlos Alcaraz also explained to the local media how difficult it was to see that final played at the Rod Laver Arena helpless: “It was hard to lose Australia. It was hard to watch it on television and see how Djokovic took number one from me.

It was clear to me that number one would be taken from me sooner or later, I knew it would be difficult to keep it. Now the goal is to get it back as soon as possible. I saw the end. Novak’s level was very, very high and it was very difficult to beat him,” he told Urbana Play.

Tiley opens up on Djokovic

Craig Tiley has made some interesting statements in which he reveals the emotional state in which Novak Djokovic landed in Australia, a few weeks before the start of the first Grand Slam of the year.

It was unknown to everyone how the local public would receive the man who was deported from his country barely a year ago, and the Serb was somewhat afraid of what he could find. “I could see the tension when he arrived in Australia.

He was very nervous and somewhat uncomfortable with a possible hostile reception,” says a man who publicly asked people to support the Balkan tennis player. “You have to give a lot of credit to what the Australian people did, respecting and encouraging an athlete who made us all enjoy again,” he said in words collected by Tennis365.

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