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“Novak Djokovic lives for tennis”

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The young Serbian tennis player Hamad Medjedovic, who has found an idol and point of reference in his countryman Novak Djokovic, spent splendid words for the 2023 Australian Open champion, having also had the opportunity, training in the Novak Djokovic Tennis Center, to confront and share some time.

He explained during an interview with Eurosport: “It’s amazing how much you can learn from Novak just by spending time with him. He goes out of his way on and off the court to improve every day, is incredibly disciplined and lives for tennis.

He constantly thinks about that which is better for his career. It helps me a lot and emphasizes the need to work on my mind and enjoy the process, without focusing so much on results-related goals.”

Novak Djokovic wants it all

This first glimpse of the season, which saw him triumph first at the 250 tournament in Adelaide and then at the Australian Open, has sent a clear message to the tennis world.

Novak Djokovic is back and eager to take back everything he was denied in 2022. Last year he had two faces for the Serbian champion. On the one hand, the media lynching for not having undergone the vaccine against the Coronavirus, a decision which was followed by the exclusion from some of the most important events of the circuit.

On the other hand, the victory of Wimbledon, the Italian internationals and his 6th master title at the ATP Finals (record in cohabitation with Roger Federer). Djokovic wants to make 2023 a historic year, which he has already touched in 2021.

Should he win the remaining three Grand Slams, he would hold the extraordinary accolade of the Calendar Grand Slam, winning all 4 Majors in the same calendar year. The number one in the world is carrying on an incredible streak of 17 consecutive victories and will try to replenish it at the Sunshine Double, where he will probably have the opportunity to participate in the two tournaments in Indian Wells and Miami, where he is regularly registered, but we will have to understand if the ban on unvaccinated people entering the United States is lifted by that date.

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