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Novak Djokovic is a family, supported me during jail time

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Boris Becker says he considers Novak Djokovic “a family member” as he will never forget the Serb’s support during one of the most difficult periods of his life. After Becker was convicted and jailed last spring, Djokovic showed his support to Becker and his family.

Becker and Djokovic worked between 2013 and 2016 as the Serb won six Grand Slams under the guidance of the German tennis icon. “Novak Djokovic became a family member. You know we had a professional relationship for many years and we parted ways in 2016.

But we always stayed close and especially my time inside (prison) — he supported me, he supported my family,” Becker said, per Agence France-Presse.

Becker: I’m proud knowing I had a chance to work with Djokovic

Becker and Djokovic enjoyed a few very successful years but decided to end their partnership after the 2016 season.

Reflecting on his stint with Djokovic, Becker admits he is “very proud” to have had a chance to work with one of the greatest players in tennis history. “I’m very proud that probably the greatest player of all time is part of a story of Boris Becker,” Becker added.

After the split, Becker and Djokovic kept a good relationship. Last May, Djokovic called Becker “a friend” and admitted that he was “heartbroken” over seeing his ex-coach jailed. “(I’m) just heartbroken, I mean, for him.

He’s a friend, a long-time friend, a coach for three, four years, someone I consider close in my life and has contributed a lot to my success in my career,” Djokovic said last May. Meanwhile, Becker has returned to tennis.

In January, Becker worked for Eurosport during the Australian Open. In early February, Becker was a guest in Germany’s Davis Cup tie against Switzerland. Becker is expected to continue working as a tennis analyst during Grand Slams but it may take time before he is allowed to return to Great Britain and Wimbledon.

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