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Novak Djokovic furious with the Parisian crowd

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Boos raining down: Novak Djokovic furious with the Parisian crowd
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Novak Djokovic has got the pass for the round of 16 at the Roland Garros and thus he continues in his very personal goal of hitting the third Parisian Major of his career, which could not only allow him to return number one in the world but above all to surpass Rafael Nadal, in the all-time ranking time at 23 slams.

The Serbian, in the third round against Davidovich Fokina, had to sweat more than expected especially in the first two sets where he managed to win both at the tie break before then dominating the third set and finishing with a score of 7-6, 7 -6, 6-2.

During the match against the Spaniard there were some sparks with the crowd present. The 36-year-old from Belgrade, in fact, immediately after scoring the set point by taking it 2-0, and thus channeling the match towards the right track, had several squabbles with the French spectators.

Boos raining down: Novak Djokovic furious with the Parisian crowd

From the video published on the Eurosport twitter page, you can watch Djokovic celebrating very vehemently towards a segment of the crowd, who then consequently took this exultation well by starting to boo the Serbian tennis player.

The boos then continued during the medical time out when there was strong disapproval from the Parisian crowd at the announcement of the race director. And it was here that the Serbian tennis player responded to these boos in an ironic way, first raising his thumb to the sky and then, with the same sarcasm, applauding the crowd.

The Serbian tennis player, who hasn’t conceded even a set so far, will face the surprising Varillas in the round of 16, who reached an eighth slam for the first time in his career. There are no precedents between the two so far.

The Parisian crowd, this year, does not seem to forgive any unconventional gesture to the tennis players engaged at Roland Garros.

Novak Djokovic and Taylor Fritz know this well, having had to deal with two situations that are far from easy to manage.

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