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Nick Kyrgios shares update after mother was held at gunpoint by car thief

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Nick Kyrgios shared an update to his fans, revealing he “has not slept much” in the last couple of days following a robber pointing a gun at his mother Norlaila in Canberra. On Tuesday, Australian media reported that a robber came to Kyrgios’ parents’ house and pointed a gun at his mother while asking for the keys to the Australian’s Tesla.

Kyrgios’ mother handed the robber the keys to Tesla before alerting her son of what happened. Kyrgios was able to track down his Tesla via an app and also slow it down. Around 30 minutes later, the robber was arrested. “Last couple days has been rough, haven’t slept much and battling a little.

Appreciative of all the support,” Kyrgios captioned his Instagram Story.

Kyrgios has not slept much in the last few days

On Thursday, the ACT Police released a statement, revealing that they found the robber’s weapon. “On the afternoon of Tuesday, police executed a search warrant at a residence in Gilmore and located a shotgun, believed to be the firearm used during the robbery,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, Kyrgios is still recovering from knee surgery he had in January. In February, Kyrgios’ manager Daniel Horsfall said it was disappointing for the Australian to miss the Australian Open. However, Horsfall also noted there were positive things in this whole situation, like Kyrgios returning to action with a fully healthy and cleaned-up knee.

“He’s at home, playing Pokemon, eating his mum’s food, it doesn’t get much better than that. A lot of things players don’t get in general is the time to recover. You play all year round. It is disappointing that he’s had this surgery but it means two things, he’s had his knee cleaned up and is going to be back better than ever.

But also, we have this time to get him fitter and stronger than he was this time last year. It’s all green lights,” Horsfall said in February.

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