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Marta Kostyuk in a new bathing suit makes her Instagram followers dream

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Marta Kostyuk is considered one of the most beautiful player on the Tour, but also one of the strongest, looking to the future. At the moment she is number 57 in the WTA ranking, but her destiny will be to climb positions.

In 2017, she won the Australian Open junior. After that adventure she turned professional. Meanwhile, the young Ukrainian tennis player is very active on social media, especially on instagram, where she alternates shots with her on the court, with much more sensual shots.

One of the latest concerns a photo in the mirror with a blue super bathing suit, while taking a selfie. Furthermore, through Instagram stories, she shared a video in which she appears by the sea, with a very high-cut black bathing suit.

Here are the pictures:

Why Marta Kostyuk criticized Novak Djokovic’s fans

Shortly before the semifinal of the 2023 Australian Open against Paul, Novak Djokovic ended up again in the eye of the storm because his father was immortalized together with some supporters of Vladimir Putin.

Marta Kostyuk expressed her opinion on what happened: “No matter what I say, I will be hated for the rest of my life by Novak Djokovic fans. Nole is a very good person, but his fans are very aggressive. Everyone in the business knows it.

It’s not easy to deal with Novak fans, I experienced it firsthand some time ago.” In the press conference after beating Paul, Djokovic commented on Srdjan’s absence in his box: “I saw what happened yesterday and I think there was a misinterpretation of what happened.

As my father already said, we are against war and will never support any kind of war initiative. I hope we can focus on tennis from now on. It wasn’t pleasant not having him in my garage, but it’s a decision we made together. I’d really like to see him in my garage on Sunday.”

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