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“Jannik Sinner’s defeat in Rotterdam is not a step backwards,” said former star

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To analyze the ATP 500 final in Rotterdam, Paolo Bertolucci began with simple words, which summarize the battle that took place on the Dutch indoor hard court in Rotterdam between Jannik Sinner and Daniil Medvedev: “He won the strongest.” The former Italian tennis player, in the column on the pages of the Gazzetta dello Sport, commented on Sinner’s defeat by the Russian, who deserved the title after a great fight that lasted a total of three sets.

Bertolucci said: “Applause for Daniil Medvedev, I didn’t expect he could reach the level shown when he was at the top of the standings in this final. Sinner’s stop certainly does not represent a step backwards, on the contrary, the confirmation of a maturation and an awareness that he they will go far this season, provided that physical problems give him respite.

Jannik was the best player on the court for an hour against a version of his opponent close to his golden days. He had too mixed performance with his serve and to keep the ball speed of the person facing him incurred too many free kicks, particularly with the forehand.”

Bertolucci: “Defeat is not a step backwards”

Bertolucci explained in which aspects the Italian still have to improve: “In his service, he does not have a weapon capable of guaranteeing him the change of register, when the tactical scenario requires it.

It is not a rejection, he will be able to draw profitable lessons also from the defeat of Sunday. The fact that this defeat is experienced by many as a disappointment, forgetting who Medvedev is and that we are talking about a 21-year-old boy, the idea of the expectations that Sinner carries on his shoulders.” Jannik’s journey does not stop in the Atp Tour.

In fact, the Italian will immediately take part in another tournament this week (maximum until 26 February) in France: it is the ATP 250 in Marseille, an event in which he will try to confirm the progress of this period, pushing himself to the end of the board.

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