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‘It’s like chess, trying to make…’

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In his first week of 2023 after a long injury Carlos Alcaraz made a great comeback. The Spaniard played the ATP tournament in Buenos Aires and won it, leaving little or nothing to his rivals and showing that he is already in good shape.

The 19-year-old from Murcia seemed radiant and collected his impressions at a press conference: “It’s been a fantastic week for me, I’ve started to play well although I still have a lot to improve. I think the turning point came in the quarterfinal match against Lajovic and it seemed like he didn’t stop playing.

I felt good physically and I think I did well both physically and mentally. I take several positive things from here and with a view to the next games I am very optimistic”. The young talent spoke about his 2023 and said: “I have a good year ahead of me, I am defending several titles and I have very nice tournaments ahead of me.

I am fighting for number one with Djokovic and Tsitsipas, they are the closest but that does not mean that there are no equally good rivals behind them and there are many athletes who can win Grand Slams and fight for number one.

I’m not going to give names because I don’t want to exclude anyone, but there are seven or eight tennis players who can aspire to it. Today the public has been sensational, I expected a good reception but their support has exceeded my expectations, it is crazy to see the passion they have here for tennis but also for sport in general.

Argentina definitely made a good impression on me. My tennis? I try to have fun, I love to play tennis and I love to compete with others, I often try to invent, I want to smile and make people smile.” Alcaraz clarified how he prepares for matches and spoke like this: “I try to work every day, both training and mentally.

I always try to surround myself with my family and my team.

Alcaraz on the importance of precision

Carlos Alcaraz disclosed the importance of precision to gain an upper-hand over the opponent. “It is important to have precision, you have to seek to put your opponent in trouble.

Those are the two things that put your opponent in the most trouble. Today there is high precision in all shots, that is what each player works on, trying to shoot strong and lines,” the 19-year-old said. “It’s like chess, trying to make your opponent run and putting him in trouble,” he added.

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