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Illinois University women’s team beats Missouri 4-1

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The University of Illinois women’s tennis team beat Missouri 4-0, yesterday, Friday night, in St. Louis. Illinois improves to 3-3 in the young season and is now 4-0 all-time against Missouri. The match took place at Vetta Sunset’s Missouri Indoor Temporary Home in St.

Louis, Missouri

. With only five fields available, the individual nos. 6 would not start until a field was available. The Illini close out the weekend at home on Sunday when Illinois State comes to town for a 12pm concert. CT tilt at Atkins Tennis Center.

As reported by the University website, Illinois reclaimed the doubles point of the game thanks to quick work at No. 2 by Emily Casati and Josie Frazier and a strong finish at No. 3 by Ashley Yeah and Violeta Martinez. Casati and Frazier won 6-1, their third win together this season.

The Illini won all five of their first sets finished (#1-5). Courts 1 and 2 would see Missouri claim the second set to tie the battles, but neither would make it to the third set. Megan Heuser was first out of the singles courts after moving up the lineup to No.

3. She secured a 6-2, 6-4 victory to put Illinois up 2-0 in the match. Heuser trailed 0-2 in the first set before going on a six match win. Kasia Treiber put the Illini up 3-0 in the game after a 6-4, 6-4 win at No. 5. Moments later, Josie Frazier grabbed victory for Orange and Blue with a 6-2 win, 6-4 at number 4.

Head coach Evan Clark told: “I’m so happy for our guys with a great rebound win today. They’ve done so many good things and are just a little short, so it was great for them to get a solid team win against a great team from Missouri. I’m so grateful and honored to be in Illinois.

Wins aside, it’s a very special place and I’m extremely lucky to be here. I’ve had so many amazing student athletes, assistant coaches, and support staff who are responsible for the victories, so thanks to them for all their hard work.”

About University of Illinois

The university is made up of 18 colleges and institutes offering approximately 150 programs of study.

Until 1998, Illinois was one of the 10 largest universities in the United States in terms of student enrollment. The university is measured as one of the top 20 most researched public and private universities in America by the Graham-Diamond Report.

The university is home to the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, which is in partnership with IBM and the National Science Foundation to build the world’s fastest supercomputer. This supercomputer, named after Blue Waters, will be capable of performing a quadrillion operations per second.

This will make it three times faster than today’s supercomputers. Eleven alumni and nine professors have won the Nobel Prize. Alumni and faculty have created numerous products and companies, including: Mosaic and Netscape Communications, Advanced Micro Devices, PayPal, Playboy, the National Football League, Siebel Systems, Mortal Kombat, YouTube, Oracle Corporation, Lotus Software, Black Entertainment Television, the Transistor, Integrated Circuits, the LED, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Mozilla Firefox, and the Plasma Screen. Photo Credits: About University of Illinois website

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