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‘I was a little bit down after the injury’

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Well, Cameron Norrie also fulfilled his role as second favorite in the ATP 250 of Argentina. The British tennis player, 27 years old and current number 12 in the world, got rid of the Peruvian Juan Pablo Varillas in the semifinal round and expects a tough battle in the title game against the Spanish Carlos Alcaraz.

“The final with Alcaraz is going to be incredible,” Norrie said at the end of their engagement. Throughout the week he has had to deal with the factor of the public against, a situation that was far from affecting him, although he acknowledged that it complicates things more.

“I loved playing against Argentines. The fans are tough and they create a great atmosphere. It is very special to see so many people. Yesterday it was cold and people stayed watching. People are very passionate about tennis.

I was able to play at my best level and give people what they wanted to see. I won three very good games”, commented the Briton. Norrie highlighted the importance and value of advancing to the final of the Argentina Open: “It was a very tough team with great players on clay.

It’s not the most comfortable surface for me, but I have the chance to play a final. I hope to do my best and win the title”. Finally, at a press conference he responded to the question about who his idols are in ‘white sport’: “My idol was Andre Agassi.

I read his book and I respect him a lot. I also liked (Fernando) Verdasco who played great games. When I moved to London I started training with Andy (Murray) and got to know him very well and admire him a lot. He is my great idol.

I learned many things from him.” Do you see Cameron Norrie lifting the 2023 Argentina Open title?

Alcaraz missed the Australian Open

Carlos Alcaraz further highlighted the importance of reaching the final of the 2023 Argentina Open.

“It’s a really special moment for me,” Alcaraz said after the semi-final, as per ATP. “I was a little bit down after the injury, so I had to recover in those four months the confidence and the rhythm. Coming back for my first tournament of 2023 and making the final is so special for me.” In an age where tennis players often work out their frustration by breaking their own racket, it’s hard to see new talent going in a different direction.

But there is always the exception to the rule, and that happens, at least for now, with the Spanish Carlos Alcaraz.

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