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‘I wanted to walk away when…’

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Serena Williams is unanimously recognized as one of the best athletes of all time. In addition to winning 23 Grand Slam titles, the American legend has achieved countless other honors and won the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

The former WTA number 1 entered the professional circuit in the late 90s, immediately showing flashes of crystalline talent. Serena has won Grand Slam matches in four different decades and sparked memorable rivalries, including hers with her sister Venus.

Due to her advancing age and injuries, Williams withdrew from the 2022 US Open after playing an excellent tournament. The American failed to equal Margaret Court’s all-time Grand Slam record, but that doesn’t detract from an almost unrepeatable career.

During a long interview with ‘E!’, Serena explained why she decided to retire despite her still being in fair condition.

Serena Williams is a true legend

“Actually, I did play the other day, and it’s just like, ‘There’s no way I shouldn’t be playing professional tennis.

Like, there’s literally no excuse. But I mean, I guess there is an excuse, right? It’s hard because when I’m playing, I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m pretty good at this. I can continue to do this,’ which not a lot of people can say.

I also wanted to walk away when I’m healthy and have a quality of life” – Serena Williams said. Serena Williams wants to focus on her venture capital firm Serena Ventures and is also desirous of expanding her family. “I don’t want it to be over, but at the same time I’m ready for what’s next.

I for sure feel more at peace now. It’s interesting. I think I feel torn because I’m still able to play at a very, very, very high level. With that being said, I always wanted to leave the game playing at a very high level. But it’s hard because it’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, I could still play, and I could still do all that stuff.’

….But I’m inch by inch leaning away, inch by inch embracing it.” Williams also revealed that going to the movies is her favorite thing to do as it allows her to switch off from her busy life and mentally relax a bit. “I love reading, but ever since I had Olympia, I just don’t even think I’ve read a book,” Serena Williams told ESSENCE.

“But I do love reading. I absolutely love going to the movies, it’s my favorite thing, it shuts my brain off.”

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