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‘I really want to compete again’

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2022 was the year of consecration for the young Spanish talent Carlos Alcaraz. The 19-year-old from Murcia won several tournaments and closed the season with an extraordinary victory at the 2022 US Open, the first Grand Slam of his career and a success that allowed him to become number one in the world.

Carlos has been designated in Spain as the heir to Rafael Nadal, while internationally many have pigeonholed him in the role of whoever will take the place of the Big Three. Unfortunately, after his victory, the Murcian talent had to deal with several physical problems, problems that first prevented him from playing in the ATP finals in Turin and then continued this year.

During the preparation for the new season, Alcaraz suffered a new physical problem, which forced him to skip the Australian tour. Djokovic’s victory in Melbourne also deprived him of the top spot in the standings, and now fans are looking forward to his return to court.

Alcaraz is a high-level talent, a tennis player capable of combining athletic quality with great technical ability. One of the most interesting shots of the Iberian tennis player is the drop shot, a shot with which he literally makes and has driven all his rivals crazy.

The Spanish tennis player spoke about his blows to the Tennis TV microphones and made the following statements: “Every time I try to see when the opponent is really far from the baseline and at that moment making a drop shot is easier for me.” Carlos then spoke about the possibility of using this shot against Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal and his words are forceful: “I want to say that it is very difficult to take a drop shot against Rafa or even like Novak Djokovic.”

Alcaraz amazed everyone

Injured in the right leg in training just a few days before the Australian Open, Carlos Alcaraz is preparing to return to the courts for the ATP 250 in Buenos Aires next week (from 13 to February 19).

Recently interviewed by the Spanish press agency EFE, the man who has just lost his place as world number one to Novak Djokovic was impatient to finally resume competition (he has not played since his retirement in quarter-finals of the Paris Masters 1000 against Rune on November 4, editor’s note).

“I really want to compete again. More than ever because I have never spent so much time without playing tennis. It’s hard. But this break has been useful for me to understand what I can do better – both on and off the pitch.”

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