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‘I hope to keep going with this energy’

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Carlos Alcaraz is ready to return to the courts after the injury that kept him out of action at the beginning of 2023, preventing him from participating in the Australian Open and, consequently, losing his world title. The Iberian will play the ATP 250 in Buenos Aires on clay and in view of his debut, his coach Juan Carlos Ferrero spoke in a web interview with the Clay portal.

“He is very young, he still has many goals to achieve in his career,” says the 19-year-old’s coach: “Roland Garros, for example, is a very clear goal for Carlos, as well as being more regular in the clay season whipped. Indian Wells is a tournament that you would like to win, there are several tournaments that you are excited about.

I always tell him that he still has many things to improve, but Djokovic and Rafa are going to make things very difficult for him, just like other players.” If he has changed something in his tennis. “Regarding his personality or his character, the truth is that nothing has changed, what is different is the reality that he lives every day.

He had to adapt to everything that is happening after winning the US Open, which It ended up taking its toll, as usual. Ending the season as world number one has given him more time to adjust to the new situation.” All this with only 19 years.

“He has many things to improve. For example, the consistency with his serve, being better at the beginning of the games, being more regular, there are times when it is difficult for him to start. On a technical level there are also several aspects that he could improve, such as his backhand or the blocking of the return.

When you are young, you don’t know how to deal with all the problems that arise during the season, but he has grown a lot in this regard. I have a very personal way of training, with a lot of intensity and well-defined objectives.”

Alcaraz will lock horns with Dusan Lajovic

Carlos Alcaraz was surprised to witness a heavily packed audience in attendance for his first match at the Argentina Open.

“I didn’t expect such a great crowd, a great atmosphere behind me. So I just can say thank you to all the fans here in Buenos Aires for the warm welcome that I received in this first match and I hope to keep going with this energy,” he said after the match.

“It’s a great feeling to win again. It’s been a long time for me with no competition, with no matches, just recovering. Finally I got my first win of 2023,” expressed the 19-year-old.

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