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‘I don’t stress over things related to…’

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2022 has been a year full of emotions and twists. Rafael Nadal left everyone speechless in his first two Grand Slams of the season, Novak Djokovic won his seventh Wimbledon but had to miss two Grand Slams due to his vaccination status and Carlos Alcaraz broke the bank at the US Open.

The young Spaniard won his first Major and became the youngest number 1 in the history of men’s tennis. However, it would be unfair not to also compliment Holger Rune, who has what it takes to do great things in the coming years.

The Dane had the satisfaction of beating Alexander Zverev in Munich and Stefanos Tsitsipas at Roland Garros, to then enrich his year with the triumph in Paris-Bercy (which earned him his first 1000). Rune left everyone speechless in the French capital, where he crushed the competition with devastating acceleration.

Holger beat a legend like Novak Djokovic in the final, who immediately congratulated him during the awards ceremony.

Rune is naturally a laidback person

“I am very calm and relaxed as a person – almost a little lazy,” Holger Rune told Relevant Tennis.

“So I don’t stress over things related to press or work. Sometimes it is good to be a little lazy because you can’t control everything. I use my energy on court. And I have a really good family around me. Also, it is important to eat well and sleep enough during the season.

Because if I have no energy, the engine will burn out. I have a nutrition plan now so I know I get what I need. We found out I did not get half of the sugar and salt I needed [for matches], that is why I had meltdown and cramps.

I really did not know [things like these] could make so much difference… My coach says that a Ferrari with no fuel is useless. He is right. So I am much more aware now of what I eat… even though I love pepperoni pizza and ice cream”.

Holger Rune expressed his concern over a persistent wrist injury that has forced him to retire from the ABN AMRO Open. “I’ll have to look into it. I have to get it checked again, because of course it shouldn’t continue to hurt when you’re my age,” said Rune to TV 2 Sport.

“I have played through some pain, but today it hurt more and more as the match progressed, and in the end it hurt too much. I tried all possible methods to make it work,” he expressed.

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