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I didn’t feel secure enough

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Coach Dmitry Tursunov revealed he wasn’t happy about the direction in which his negotiations with Emma Raducanu were going so he decided to part ways with the Briton. After Wimbledon, Raducanu added coach Tursunov on a trial basis.

Raducanu did solid during the North American hard court swing and it was believed that she decided to keep Tursunov long-term. In October, British media reported that Tursunov decided to stop working with Raducanu and start working with another WTA player – that player later turned out to be Belinda Bencc.

“I stopped the negotiations. I felt like the negotiations went too long. Too far that wasn’t a solid commitment, not on the terms that I liked. We started to negotiate over things that were so trivial and insignificant in my mind that it wouldn’t have worked.

I didn’t feel secure enough. I didn’t feel like it’s a serious set up I didn’t feel like it’s gonna be a long-term relationship. I felt like it at any point it can break over something insignificant and I could have been wrong maybe I had PTSD, you know, from previous relationships,” Tursunov said on The Craig Shapiro Tennis Podcast, per Sportskeeda.

Tursunov praises Raducanu: She will figure it out

Since winning the 2021 US Open, Raducanu hasn’t won any titles and she has often struggled with her game and form. However, Tursunov believes Raducanu will sooner or later figure it out because she is “very smart and a hard worker.” “I mean, with me, she was [a hard worker].

Sooner or later, she’s just gonna sort it out. She’s too smart of a person not to sort out you know. She loves tennis too much not to figure it out,” Tursunov said. Meanwhile, Raducanu is now working with coach Sebastian Sachs.

Interestingly, Sachs worked with Bencic in the past. In Australia, Raducanu spoke positively about Sachs as she said she was confident that he was guiding her in the right direction.

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