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Holger Rune wants to meet tennis icon Roger Federer

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Holger Rune reveals he would absolutely love to meet the great Roger Federer. Rune, 19, met the Swiss tennis icon once in the past as they practiced together at the 2019 Atp Finals. For a second meeting, Rune says he “wants to meet Federer real” this time.

“I would like to meet Roger Federer again. I met him once, but like, I want to meet him real,” Rune said in a video for the ATP.

Rune regrets never playing against Federer

Federer, who retired after the 2022 Laver Cup, appeared in just a couple of tournaments in his last two and a half years on the pro level.

“Roger Federer. I practiced with him at the Nitto finals in 2019 but never played a match against him. He is the most elegant player I have ever seen on a tennis court so I think I would be very inspired by playing against him,” Rune recently told Gio Journal.

Rune, who is now a Masters champion and a top-10 player, was a Rafael Nadal at first before becoming a Federer fan. “First I was a fan of Rafa. He was number one back then. I had Rafa posters all over my room. Then I became a Roger fan and later I was a fan of many players.

To be more specific, I am a fan of Verdasco’s forehand, Zverev’s backhand, Novak’s return, Roger’s movements, Rafa’s fighter attitude, etc,” Rune said. When asked who is the greatest of all time between Federer, Nadal and Novak Djokovic, Rune said that question was “impossible to answer.” “This question is impossible to answer for me.

Since I started becoming a fan of specific things in various players, for me every player has something special you can learn from and admire. Looking at the number of wins for sure Novak, Rafa and Roger are the record holders and in that sense the greatest,” Rune said.

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