FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Sparring is playing or hitting with better players.

Regularly playing games with better players take the game to the next level. Sparring also helps in learning tournament strategies and techniques.

To prepare for bigger tournaments, you need to play with different and unknown players. Outside Sparring partner will expose you to different techniques and strategies.

Hourly fee is fixed as per the current rank and experience of Sparring Partner. Here is the schedule of fee for badminton singles players:

Category A: BWF rank 1 to 100 OR National rank 1 to 10: Fee INR 1990,

Category B: BWF rank 101 to 300 OR National rank 11 to 30: Fee INR 1490,

Category C: BWF rank 301 to 600 OR National rank 31 to 60: Fee INR 1290,

Category D: BWF rank 601 to 1000 OR National rank 61 to 100: Fee INR 890,

Category E: State level or U19 or no ranking: Fee INR 690,

Yes, if before paying full fee, you change your mind, company will refund your booking advance. 

Yes from the list given.

Registration of Sparring Partner is done by us ONLY after verification of credentials and thorough assessment of the game by our expert team. 

National and BWF/ATP rank of the Sparring Partner is one of the important factors for registration. 

Once you select the Sparring Partner, the fee needs to be paid in advance.

The fee needs to be paid directly to the company account. The same fee (without any deduction) will be transferred to the Sparring Partner.

The Sparring Partner is expected to spar with you. We do not want to defocus from our purpose.

The sole purpose of this initiative is to help professional players and build an eco-system globally. We do not earn any commission or profit from athletes.

Are you a serious player and have been actively playing for the last 7+ years?

Do you believe that you can help an upcoming player elevate his/her game?

If your answer is YES, we can register you  after evaluating your credentials and assessment of game.

Yes, many players are registered as both player and partner.

As our Sparring Partner, you can do sparring as per your available time, day and location.

Our team will co-ordinate with you and connect you with the Player.

Whatsapp at +918368701948 or email at sparringplayer@gmail.com. 

Our team will respond soon.