FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

My academy has many senior players, Why should I spar with outsider

To prepare for bigger tournaments, you need to play with different and unknown players. Outside Sparring partner will expose you to different techniques and strategies.

How much do I need to pay for Sparring Partner

Different fee is fixed for different level of players.

Can I select Sparring Partner

Yes, we will share with you a brief profile of the Sparring Partner. Once you confirm, Sparring Partner will be assigned to you. 

How does company ensure quality of Sparring Partner

Registration of Sparring Partner is done by us ONLY after verification of credentials and thorough assessment of the game by our Head Coach. 

Rank of the Sparring Partner is one of the important factors for registration. 

When and to Whom I need to pay fee

Once you select the Sparring Partner, the fee needs to be paid.

The fee needs to be paid directly to the company bank account. The same fee (without any deduction) will be transferred to the Sparring Partner.

Why Coaching not allowed

The Sparring Partner is expected to spar with you. We do not want to defocus from our purpose.

Does company charge any commission or fee

The sole purpose of this venture is to help players and build a community. We do not charge any commission or fee from athletes.

Can I register as a Sparring Partner

Are you a serious player and have been actively playing for the last 7+ years?

Do you believe that you can help an upcoming player elevate his/her game?

If your answer is YES, we can register you after evaluating your credentials and assessment of the game video.

Can I register as both the Sparring Partner and the Player

Yes, why not.

For any query, how can I contact the company

Whatsapp at +91 7777 966 236 or email at sparringplayer@gmail.com  

Our team will respond soon.