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Eugenie Bouchard is lovely in her NEW Instagram PIC!

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Walking through New York, with a gorgeous smile: Eugenie Bouchard shared a lovely new photo on Instagram, adding the caption: “new york minute.” The beautiful Canadian tennis player wore a very dark red top and very short and tight skirt.

A long elegant baige coat and tall dark boots completed her outfit

, to the delight of her fans. Below Genie’s new outfit:

Latests on Eugenie Bouchard

The 28-year-old native of Montreal during her stop due to physical problems worked on television as a commentator on the Tennis Channel, although she had missed her tennis very much.

She said: “I much prefer playing tennis. It was nice to do different activities off the court while I was out. Honestly, being on live TV has helped me fill that need for adrenaline that I was missing from playing tennis. She played it up a bit.

She pushed me to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone. I prefer to sweat on the court. I can always do that later in life. I still want to play tennis for a few years.” Speaking of Roger Federer, Bouchard explained: “I have always adored Roger Federer.

His class and elegance were truly unique. There will never be anyone like him. If there are boys or girls who are inspired by me, it is a real honor. I remember as a child watching my idols on TV and wanting their autographs. Being that person for someone else is an honor.

I really appreciate people’s support. I hope I can inspire people both on and off the court.” Eugenie Bouchard, through a story on her social channels, also expressed her admiration for Novak Djokovic: “The master at work.

Watching Novak up close was fantastic.” Photo Credits: Eugenie Bouchard’s Instagram account

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