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Did Medvedev crash Eurovision stage, amazed fans ask

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Some Reddit tennis fans thought for a moment that top-ranked tennis player Daniil Medvedev made an appearance on the famous Eurovision stage during the first semifinal of the contest. The Russian tennis star was thought to be a vocalist with similar looks.

The singer is one of the Baghmanov twins, who competed for Azerbaijan in this year’s Eurovision contest. The duo named TuralTuranX sang the song “Tell Me More”. You can hear their performance below:

Here are some of the comments made by Reddit tennis fans about the resemblance:

Nevertheless, other fans did not spot any similarities.

“This dude looks absolutely nothing like Medvedev to me? Am I missing something?” noted a fan. “Very slightly. Around the eyes and nose. I wouldn’t have noticed though (unless it’s more apparent in motion rather than a still photo).

I’d say it’s a compliment to Medvedev though lol,” another fan responded. Unfortunately for the twins, they did not get past the Eurovision semifinal.

Novak Djokovic is a fan of Eurovision

Apart from the Medvedev mismatch, the tennis world has some strong connections with Eurovision.

For example, Novak Djokovic showed up at the 2008 Eurovision song contest held in Belgrade, and even sang during his short time on stage. Watch his performance below.

And if that wasn’t enough, Daniel Estrin, an immigration lawyer that explained Djokovic’s situation for The New York Times during Djokovic’s visa problems in 2022, performs for Australia in the Eurovision final. The lawyer sings a song called “Promise” together with his band named “Voyager”.

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