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Daughter is helping me understand Cori Gauff

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Coach Diego Moyano reveals his teen daughter is helping him understand Cori Gauff as he sees a lot of similarities between the two. Moyano, a former tennis pro from Argentina, has been coaching Gauff since last year. However, the two met long before as earlier this year Gauff revealed that she and Moyano actually met for the first time in 2017.

“Back when I was coaching in 1997 and ’98 before all this social media started, coaching then, was helping me to be a better father because they were young and it was helping me to understand my kids. And now its kind of reverse, because my daughter helps me to understand Coco, they both have lot of things similar.

The way that they deal with the social media, is similar,” Moyano said on the ATP Tennis Radio Podcast, as quoted on Tennis365.

Moyano on accepting to work with Gauff

In the past, Moyano worked with former Wimbledon finalist Kevin Anderson and American tennis star Tommy Paul.

After a couple stints with ATP players, Moyano changed the tours and accepted to work with a WTA player. “I just kind of started to work with Coco and it was kind of a great challenge, I think, and that was a great project for me and she wanted to work with me so it kind of fit well and I decided to work with WTA and with Coco and actually, here we are.

It is fascinating to see the difference and it also goes back on the preperations and the communication is totally different. One is the emotions, yeah. Men and women deal completely differently with their emotions, the way that you communicate has to be different.

I mean, we can go on and on with the difference, but it is fascinating”. Moyano explained. Last year, Gauff made her first Grand Slam final at the French Open and also achieved a career-high ranking of No 4 in the world.

For this year, Gauff’s two big goals are to win a Grand Slam and reach the top spot. It remains to be seen if Moyano can guide Gauff to achieving her dreams.

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