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Cori Gauff admits Rafael Nadal mistake she made and highlights one thing

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Cori Gauff admits she made a mistake in doubting Rafael Nadal at last year’s French Open and noted she definitely won’t be making the same mistake this year. Last year, Nadal was battling a foot issue just weeks before the start of the French Open but still managed to win a record 14th title at Roland Garros.

Nadal is again in a very difficult and challenging situation going into the French Open as the Spaniard hasn’t played since the Australian Open due to an injury suffered to his psoas muscle. “I mean, if he goes, I’m going to take him in Paris any day.

I don’t think he needs match experience. I’m sure he probably would have preferred to play some matches before. I think that him and Roland Garros is something special,” Gauff said, per Express.

Gauff: I made a mistake in doubting Nadal

Even though Nadal had to “put his foot to sleep” for two weeks straight at the 2022 French Open, he was still able to win the title.

En route to winning it all at Roland Garros, Nadal also managed to beat Novak Djokovic. “There’s been times, I remember last year, he was having that problem, completely lost that match, didn’t look like he was going to be ready at all.

I made the mistake of doubting him. Next thing you know, he pretty much stormed his way to the final and won straight sets. He’s just a GOAT in that way, a GOAT on clay, someone you can’t underestimate,” Gauff admitted. Gauff also acknowledged not having Nadal would be a big blow to the French Open but also noted there are many other great players.

“I think for the tournament, if he doesn’t play, obviously it would suck to have a player like him not play. But also I feel like the tour has a lot of — I think it will open it up for the guys, the men’s side. Then again, we haven’t seen him play in so long.

So maybe the draw is open. I don’t know. But I definitely think he’s going to be a threat regardless if he plays or not,” Gauff said.

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