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Chris Evert defends Elena Rybakina after one of John McEnroe’s takes

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American tennis icon Chris Evert does not agree with one of John McEnroe’s takes as she has no problems with Elena Rybakina’s stoic demeanor. McEnroe, a former seven-time Grand Slam champion, said tennis needs more characters like Nick Kyrgios.

Also, McEnroe said Rybakina’s “emotionless reaction” to winning Wimbledon isn’t something he wants to see on the court. Evert, a former 18-time Grand Slam champion, does not agree with that as she believes Rybakina or any other tennis player should not be forced to be something that they are not just for the sake of entertainment.

“Personalities are great, but changing one’s nature or temperament for the sake of entertaining? Always had a problem with that” Evert tweeted.

Evert defends Rybakina after McEnroe’s comments

Sometime after Wimbledon, McEnroe was asked about the increasing number of meltdowns and outbursts on tennis courts.

McEnroe didn’t agree that was the case and explained why tennis needs more personalities like Kyrgios “You must be watching different tournaments than me because I don’t see many players having meltdowns at all.

And I know something about meltdowns, my past experience, and I’ve seen a couple of players, obviously Nick Kyrgios comes to mind having meltdowns on a pretty regular basis, but for the most part, tennis players are incredibly well behaved, maybe too well behaved in my book.

I’d like to see a little bit more explosive temper see the emotions, wear it on their sleeve, there’s a handful of people you see that, but I just saw someone win Wimbledon on the girl’s side (Rybakina) who didn’t show any emotion, so I don’t know if any of us wanna see that,” McEnroe said.

Meanwhile, Rybakina made her second Grand Slam final at this year’s Australian Open. After reaching the Australian Open final, Rybakina admitted that she was extremely excited about it. Rybakina fell short to Aryna Sabalenka in the Australian Open but reaching two Grand Slam finals in six months was certainly a major accomplishment.

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