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Camila Giorgi, the skirt is too short!

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Camila Giorgi is the undisputed star of Instagram and, together with many other colleagues of hers, she shares truly sensual photos on social media, which leave room for the imagination of her followers. The beautiful Italian tennis player will soon play at the WTA 250 which will start on February 20th in Merida.

The last photo that she posted on Instagram of her, sees her wearing a long-sleeved black dress, which has a peculiarity: her skirt is really very short and very sensual! Camila, with her right hand, is trying to lower it, but she can’t.

The result made her fans go crazy:

Camila Giorgi in Linz

The Italian tennis player was defeated at the Linz WTA by Clara Tauson.

Camila plays practically perfectly up to 6-1 2-1 before completely disconnecting the light. And to try in a rather approximate way to put things back on track between the second and third set. More lucid, less foul and decidedly more cynical Clara Tauson, who with the fifth match point available brings the score to 2-0 in the head-to-heads after the 6-3 6-1 in Lyon with a 1-6 6-3 6-4 which matures after just under two hours of play.

A great first set is not enough: Tauson passes Like a metronome, Camila manages the first ten games in an extraordinary way. She also won eight. Very solid, very heavy, very precise. The Italian tennis player, who strengthens the advantage thanks to surreal percentages with the serve available, in just over twenty minutes of play makes the initial 6-1 and takes her to 2-1 with a break to keep in the heart of the second set.

When the evening seems to be essentially on its way to a conclusion, something breaks. Things change considerably just when everything seems set with the ending, in fact. One step away from the abyss, the Danish tennis player somehow manages to get back on track.

Above all to take advantage of Camila’s erroros, she to look for some more variation from the baseline and to play a more regular game. Needless to say, she doesn’t limit herself to recovering the break from a disadvantage, but to settle the decisive shoulder on 3-2 and to keep the serve perfectly in the immediately following game.

The rest is a completely necessary outline, with Camila who completely loses her supports and above all her measures. The brilliance of the first set is gone. Camila, who returns to stacking a series of shots without a real tactical plan, recovers a break from a disadvantage in two cases and also gets a handful of break points to get back on track at 5-5.

Tauson, clearer and decidedly less foul, does not take advantage of the first four match points available but closes at the fifth useful opportunity and reaches the quarterfinals.

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