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Aryna Sabalenka shares her incredible feelings after reaching the US Open final

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Aryna Sabalenka shares her incredible feelings after reaching the US Open final
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Aryna Sabalenka had to survive a huge battle to reach her first US Open final. A traumatic start, but a victory that gives great satisfaction. Aryna Sabalenka is in the US Open final, and now has a chance to win her second career Grand Slam tournament.In the press conference, the Belarusian tennis playertalked about her incredible feelings, at a time when she was still excited about a sensational match she had just experienced.She expained: “It was an incredible match, she played fantastically but I’m proud of myself for being able to turn the situation around and get this important victory.

For everything that happened and how it happened is just incredible.”

Sabalenka shares her incredible feelings after reaching US Open final

Then her compliments to her opponent, one of the best Madison Keys of the season: “She was really everywhere, I was only thinking about how I could stop her but she played fantastically and had control of the match.

At a certain point I had to resign myself to her game, even though I didn’t want to believe it would end like this. It was a Slam semi-final and she played fluently, I was in disbelief. In the end I continued to work, pushing several times and in the end, almost like magic, I managed to turn the match around.

Past semi-finals? I remember all the matches I played and I always thought that defeats could help me in the future, in the end every match doesn’t end until after the last point. We just have to fight until the end, I worked to find the rhythm and in the second set, as if by magic, I succeeded.In training you try to stay under pressure, but it’s never like in these challenges and being under helps you react.

The suspension of the match in Gauff – Muchova? It wasn’t that bad after all, during the break I thought it was something I couldn’t control and so I avoided wasting energy thinking about that. I stayed with my staff and we had a chat.”Aryna also talked about the final with Coco Gauuf: “The final with Gauff? She is playing incredibly, last time we faced each other in Indian Wells but now she has improved a lot and is a different player.

This is why I don’t spend too much time watching that match, I think about myself and preparing for this great challenge. I want to do my best, this is my priority and I will only take to the court for that.”

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